New water-based matt top-coats for metalized effect
(HGA4062 Series/Gloss


Our R&D laboratories have developed the new range of waterborne products for the creation of metalized effects: HGA4062 Series/Gloss.

The careful selection of raw materials allowed us finding specific metallic pigments compatible with waterborne products. On this selection was based the development of a system for metalized effects that included a series of BiComponent waterborne matt Converters and three metalized pastes with a different concentration (fine grain, medium grain and coarse grain).

These products can be freely combined and this allows customizing the aesthetic metallic and color effects, final opacity (from 10 to 50 gloss), using waterborne pastes.

The new metalized top coats are fast drying and show excellent uniformity of the final aesthetic effect, quite comparable to that of the best metalized solvent-based top-coats on the market, and do not require over coating with other products to obtain the effect.

The new range of metalized effects is available at our Service Centres.