New UV Dual Cure clear glossy solvent-based finish 


Milesi enriches its range of UV-Dual Cure top-coats with the new UV clear glossy finish, particularly bright, VDA4020, with high performance of distension and brushability similar to that of traditional, polyurethane, glossy top coats.

The special formula of VDA4020, suitable for dual reticulation (UV and isocyanate), guarantees high drying speed and maximum grip on lacquered, polyurethane, and water-based  top-coats, without sanding, even over time.

This translates into great advantage: reducing the stocks of finished panels, only  stocking matt panels, that can be easily coated with the UV Dual Cure finish, when needed.

VDA4020 top-coat is extremely versatile in terms of use, in fact, it can be applied both by spraying system  and curtain coater.

Compared to conventional polyurethane gloss, the new Milesi UV Dual Cure finish stands for high filling power, excellent resistance to yellowing and shrinkage.