New solvent-borne clear, glossy UV top-coat, with excellent scratch resistance


Milesi R&D Labs present the new transparent UV glossy top-coat, VDCD120, applicable with ribbed roller  that  thanks to its special formulation differs from normal roller UV available on the market for its excellent scratch resistance performance and treatment of particularly stressed flat surfaces.

It is a viable alternative to traditional UV glossy coats, applied with curtain coater, because of its high filling power and excellent distension allow obtaining elevated quality final aesthetic effects.

The ribbed roller application greatly reduces the coating cost per square meter, as such application method allows using lower coating thickness for each application.

The absence of aromatic compounds and its special formulation makes it compliant with IOS MATT 0066 regulation.

The special resins used in its formulation, give VDCD120 excellent chemical-physical features and high yellowing resistance.