New Polygreen white gloss top-coat


IVM Chemicals completes the Polygreen range with the new styrene-free white gloss top coat LPR6010, characterised by particular brilliance, filling power and outstanding surface hardness, superior to traditional polyurethane glosses.

Applied on Milesi Polygreen sealers, completely styrene-free, allow to implement white gloss pigmented cycles, considerably reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere.

The excellent filling power makes the new Polygreen LPR6010 top-coat suitable for the treatment of products to be coated both horizontally and vertically such as, for example: tables, desks, doors and bookcases, where maximum resistance to shrinkage over time is fundamental.

The long pot-life of LPR6010, exceeding 3 hours, makes it easy to use with systems normally used for the application of polyurethane glosses.

The absence of styrene avoids the characteristic fumes of normal polyester-based products and improves the quality of the workplace.