The IVM Chemicals Research Laboratories, to meet the growing needs of the market, have developed two brand new water-based Converters for exteriors which, combined with the water-based Pastes of the Hydrocrom Tintometric System, allow to realize finishes in various pastel and dark colors.

The two new matt Converters, JJT6883 Series/Gloss (white) and JJC6933 Series/Gloss (neutral), provide aesthetic performance and resistances to external agents superior to traditional products existing on the market nowadays.

Rather than conventional Converters, these two new products allow you to: create high aesthetic quality finishes, characterized by excellent filling, spreading and softness to the touch; while from the technical point of view they provide excellent dimensional stability of the exterior artifacts.

Formulated to provide excellent resistance to light, essential for bright colors, ensures greater color consistency over time.

Dedicated mainly to artisan users, their versatility allows also application in industrial coating cycles of doors, windows and shutters.

Applications can be made both horizontally and vertically, by manual spray, airmix, airless and electrostatic spray, ensuring a uniform final result and an excellent overspray recovery.

The new Converters maintain unchanged the resistance performances to outside agents: confirmed by the results of our exposure test and artificial aging according to EN927/6 and various experiences over the past years.